A Heart Problem

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In previous articles I talked about marriage as a covenant, not a contract. I pointed out that marriage, sex, and babies are a package deal. Approaching marriage in this way helps us prepare for a long and happy relationship. But some couples start off doing everything wrong and yet manage to make a marriage work. Other couples seem to do …

A House Divided Cannot Stand | #831

Fr. Joel Homilies

10th Sunday – No sooner have Adam and Eve decide sinned against God then they begin to turn against each other. We are a house divided when we reject God’s will. Jesus teaches us that God’s will is the path to a united heart and a united home.

Elevation of the Host

What To Do With The Gift That Is You | #830

Fr. Joel Homilies

Corpus Christ – I was given the gift of priesthood so I could give it away. The Eucharist teaches us that you are a gift. Don’t use others and let them use you. Instead, the Eucharist teaches us how to give ourselves away.