A “Simple Prayer” of St. Francis

Fr. Joel Free Range

In 2004 I had the privilege of studying Italian while living in Assisi. The town has been unmistakably marked by its most famous son, St. Francis. Most people only know that St. Francis loved the animals. He’s often seen as an environmentalist or some kind of medieval hippie. I was intrigued by the legend of the man and wanted to …

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When did You know He was the One? (#434, 17th Sunday)

Fr. Joel Homilies

I like to ask couples, “When did you know your spouse was the One?” Finding the right person is like a buried treasure or the perfect pearl; they are worth any price, any sacrifice. The Church is the field. Jesus is the treasure. And the pearl of great price is you. His love is worth any price, any sacrifice. So when did you know that Jesus was the One?

FrBenjamin – Hold on to your faith no matter what (17th Sunday)

Benjamin Homilies

This week the Christians in Mosul were forced to leave their homes. They were given the choice of converting to Islam, paying a punitive protection tax, or being killed. They chose to leave, and as they were leaving the city they were robbed of their money and possessions. But they triumphed, because they escaped with the pearl of great price, which is their faith.

This week, Meriam Ibrahim was allowed to leave Sudan. She was even able to meet with the Pope. It is a sign that if you hold on tightly to your faith, God will make everything else work out.

Book Review: Something Other Than God (updated)

Benjamin Being Catholic

Fr. Joel ( 21 Jul 2014): Jennifer is a passionate woman and her passion for life is evident on every page of this memoir. Sometimes the sentences and writing style feel overwrought; she seems to be exaggerating for dramatic effect. But when she talks about free-lancing so she can jet-set with her boyfriend and hiring waitstaff to cater parties at their …

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Little Seeds Bear Great Fruit (#433, 16th Sunday)

Fr. Joel Homilies

The kingdom of heaven is like starter dough. It is the little seed that bears great fruit. Good and evil are intertwined like weeds and wheat, but judgement is coming. Make the little changes now that will bear great fruit for the kingdom. (20 Jul 2014)


Murder is not Mercy

Fr. Joel Church meets World

Euthanasia and the Catholic Perspective Helping your own relatives to die really could be a good thing. At least, that was the point of two recent pieces on public radio. The pieces were made to sound balanced by bringing in a small dissenting voice towards the end, but the point was clear. With Vermont passing a physician-assisted suicide law last …

FrBenjamin – The garden of the soul (15th Sunday)

Benjamin Homilies

Jesus tells the parable about the seed planted in the field. We have all heard the Gospel, we have all had the seed of the Word planted in our hearts, but we need to cooperate with God in helping that seed grow and bear fruit. In order for the seeds to grow, the soil needs to be tilled up, and suffering is what tills the soil of the soul. Also, there are weeds that need to be pulled, or they will crowd out the good work that God wants to do. Our sins and bad habits are the weeds that need to be pulled up.

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Planting Seeds of Love and Truth (#432, 15th Sunday)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Christ sows the good seed of truth and love. But the enemy sows bad seed of lies and selfishness. Whatever we receive will take root in our hearts, grow, and spread. What am I open to receiving: Love and Truth or lies and selfishness. What am I spreading: Love and Truth or lies and selfishness? Ask yourself this question on Monday at noon. (13 Jul 2014)