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Good news is good news

Benjamin Church meets World

I complained in a previous post that my life is much happier and more peaceful when I don’t read the news. It is has been nice to see good news in the world this week. Pope Francis arrived in Brazil, the world’s largest Catholic country, to begin World Youth Day. Hundreds of thousands of young people are gathering in Rio …


+340+ Called to serve Christ in Us (16th Sunday)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Martha gets caught up in the things she is doing and forgets the One she is serving. We Christians often forget the presence of Christ. Jesus is more than just another visitor. He is such a close and intimate friend that He is “Christ in us.” Hospitality happens when we welcome the presence of Jesus in the persons we serve. As we have been serving others, we discover that have been serving Christ.

What is a parish?

Benjamin Being Catholic

Most Catholics experience the Church through their local parish, but what exactly is a parish? The Code of Canon law, which is the law of the Catholic Church, defines a parish as “a definite community of the Christian faithful.” The same passage goes on to say, “the pastoral care of the parish is entrusted to a pastor as its own …


+339+ Disciples of the Good News (14th Sunday)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Disciples sit at the feet of the Master. They listen to His words. They watch his actions. They imitate Him. Some are sent to bring the Good News and prepare the way for the Master. Pray that we might be the ones He trusts to send as Disciples of the Good News.