+335+ The Trinity and Me (Trinity Sunday)

Fr. Joel Homilies

The Sign of the Cross is our basic statement of belief: the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God, but there is only one God. Perfect love makes them perfectly One. This truth tells us where we stand and reminds us how to live. God’s love makes us one Community without destroying our individuality.

Catholics believe that atheists can be saved – so let’s act like it

Benjamin God & Faith

Catholics might squirm at the idea that atheists have been redeemed by the blood of Christ, but this is exactly what we believe. A few comments have been popping up on the internet about the homily that Pope Francis’ preached on Wednesday, May 22nd. A few snippets of that homily can be found on the Vatican Radio web site (the …

Did the Pope perform an exorcism?

Benjamin Being Catholic

The press this morning was announcing that the Pope performed an exorcism. Here is the video footage that was shown on Italian television of something that happened after Mass on Pentecost Sunday. The Pope prayed over a number of people who were sick, including this young man: This is certainly not an exorcism in the true sense, which would require …

+334+ The Spirit in the Fire (Pentecost)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Our school fire last year was a terrible tragedy, but the Holy Spirit was moving in that fire to bring something bright, new, and so much better. The Spirit continues to work in the Church to bring unity, to purify us, and to speak to us in every language. The Spirit also moves people to step forward to serve the people of God in special ways – Priests, Deacons, Lay Ministers. The Spirit is moving in their lives and ours. Come, Holy Spirit!

Angelina Jolie, breast cancer, and fear

Benjamin Life on Planet Earth

I do not claim that Angelina Jolie’s announcement that she had a double mastectomy is the most important story of the week. An excellent commentary on this has been published in On The Square over at First Things, so I am not going to duplicate what she had said. To put the matter very simply, the decision to cut off …

+333+ Motherhood: a fruit of the Holy Spirit (Ascension)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Jesus ascends so He can send us the Holy Spirit. We cannot see the Spirit but we see the effects of His work all around us. Just like the Holy Spirit, mothers work in the background for the success of others. In the same way, the Spirit wants us to be fully alive and prepares us for the coming of the Lord. Let us be grateful for mothers and for the Holy Spirit.

+332+ Faithful until Death (Easter 6)

Fr. Joel Homilies

The Spirit works in the Church to show us what it means to be faithful to Jesus here and now. At Baptism we were made members of God’s covenant. We have to be faithful to Jesus. Peace comes from knowing “whose” we are: We belong to God, and God belongs to us. He will always be faithful to us. Will we remain faithful to Him?

Mary of the Month (May 2013)

Benjamin Mary of the Month

The Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help recently received a new statue of Mary as she appeared to the visionary, Adele Brise in 1859. The statue reflects the way Adele described Our Blessed Mother, as having golden hair and a white dress tied with a yellow sash. It was unveiled on Wednesday, May 1st. See more photos from The …