What kind of person are you?

Fr. Joel The Loving Life

Go ahead, do whatever you want. With apologies to my brother (“I can do whatever want” = False): You can do whatever you want. You can mix and match different suits of armor if you want to. You can eat lots of ice cream, post stupid things on twitter, tattoo your girlfriend’s name on your body; you can do whatever …

+312+ Catholics bring glad tidings to the Poor (3rd Sunday)

Fr. Joel Church meets World, Homilies

Ordinary Time, 3rd Sunday – The Israelites rebuild their lives on the word of God. Catholics need walls. We must build our lives on Jesus. We live differently so the world can see that we have found the way, and His name is Jesus. (27 Jan 2013)

‘Twelve Lessons on the Catholic Faith’ provides simple faith introduction for kids

Benjamin Being Catholic

This article was recently published in the diocesan newspaper of the Diocese of Green Bay: GREEN BAY — Fr. Benjamin Sember returned to the diocese during his Christmas break as a new author. His recently published book, “Twelve Lessons on the Catholic Faith,” is designed to provide a simple, yet thorough, faith introduction. The book developed out of a request …

Mary of the Month (January 2013)

Benjamin Mary of the Month

At the beginning of this New Year, I would like to share an image of Mary that seems most appropriate for a new year, Mary Undoer of Knots. May she untie the knots in our lives, and most of all the knots in marriages.