Ord22 – Full of Love, Free of Selfishness | #137

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Ordinary22 – I just got back from World Youth Day 2011 in Spain. Peter (and I) life for pleasure and avoid pain. Jesus has something better in mind: a life full of love and free of selfishness. He invites His disciples to do the same. Follow Him!

Celibate love

Benjamin Human Relationships, The Loving Life

In a previous post, I talked about the mission of the family, and how that mission is rooted in the vocation to love. Blessed John Paul II’s teaching on marriage reveals a deeper reality to the human vocation. He says that we are made for love, which is communion with others, and this call to communion is expressed even at …

Ten Steps to Holiness – Epilogue

Fr. Joel The Loving Life

Yes, holiness is really this simple: just 10 steps. It isn’t very complicated at all. The first 7 steps set up the entire process. When we Cease any Serious Sin and Renew the Habit of Reconciliation, we remove obstacles to holiness. When we begin to Pray More and Dive Deeply into the Eucharist, we grow in friendship with God. As we Nourish Good Christian …

Step 10 – Abandon Yourself to God

Fr. Joel The Loving Life

The last and most important step on the road to holiness is the total abandonment of ourselves to God. What does God want from us? Everything. We instinctively fear that we will have nothing left. This is the greatest mystery of all — the more we give, the more we receive.

Step 9 – Relax and Trust

Fr. Joel The Loving Life

As a priest, I am constantly bombarded with requests. I sit down in the office to catch up on paperwork and someone stops by, “Father, can I talk to you…” Nothing ever seems to get done! I pray and pray, I organize my life more carefully, I avoid taking on extra responsibilities… and still it seems that there is so …

Step 8 – Embrace Your Crosses

Fr. Joel The Loving Life

We all have crosses. Sometimes it seems like we can carry them with joy and ease, and sometimes we feel crushed by them. We try as hard as we can to eliminate our crosses, but they always seem to pop up again as soon as we are getting our lives on track. How should we respond? Scripture gives us some …

Step 7 – Practice Gratitude

Fr. Joel The Loving Life

“This difficulty in attaining joy seems to us particularly acute today. This is the reason for our message. Technological society has succeeded in multiplying the opportunities for pleasure, but it has great difficulty in generating joy. For joy comes from another source. It is spiritual.” Pope Paul VI, Gaudete in Domino

Step 6 – Love the Church

Fr. Joel The Loving Life

Christianity teaches an amazing truth: God chooses to speak individually and personally with each soul. Individual friendship with the Divine – who could ask for a greater gift! As we begin to listen carefully to His voice, and put Him first in our lives, a problem emerges: How do I distinguish God’s voice from myself? I feel stirrings in my …

Step 5 – Nourish Good Christian Friendships

Fr. Joel The Loving Life

Msgr. Stephen Rossetti reveals an interesting statistic about priesthood. He looked at all kinds of statistical data about priests with the question of what data would predict a good relationship with God. He concluded that the best predictor of a healthy relationship with God was whether or not a priest had good, healthy friendships with other people. At first, this …