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Homily Download Stats – Top 10 Most Popular

Fr. Joel Homilies

The service I use to host my podcast also provides free stats on who is downloading them. The first surprise is that people are downloading them all over the world. In fact, outside the US, the largest downloads come from China. The second surprise for me is the US market. Guess what US city or state downloads my homilies the …

Mass10 – The Word Became Flesh, and Dwelt Among Us | #135

Fr. Joel Homilies

The Mass #10 – We stand for the Gospel because an important person has entered the room. Jesus Himself speaks to us and calls us to conversion, and a deeper friendship with Him. Believe what we read, Teach what we believe, and Practice what we teach.

Family in a bad economy

Benjamin Church meets World, Society Today

The economies of the United States and Europe have not left the recession they entered when the bubble on real-estate burst. It is looking less and less likely that real economic progress will happen any time soon, since the so-called first world has a birth rate too low to cause real expansion to the economy, and the current generation seems …

Family life – family struggles

Benjamin The Loving Life

Blessed John Paul II addressed families in his exhortation Familiaris Consortio. While talking about the beauty of the family, the Pope is also well aware of how difficult this vocation is, in a world marked by sin, tragedy, and compromises. Family struggles – The modern life style – especially in the more industrialized nations – all too often causes families …

Mary of the Month (July 2011)

Benjamin Mary of the Month

On July 17th, the Church celebrates Our Lady of Mount Carmel. This statue, done in the full Italian baroque style, is in the church of Santa Maria in Traspontina near the Vatican. It is made to be carried on the shoulders of men in a procession. I like the way that, despite the rather distracting opulence of the artistic style, …