Wrestling with God

Benjamin God & Faith

Pope Benedict, who has been using his Wednesday audiences to talk about prayer, highlighted one of the most mysterious passages in the scriptures, Genesis 32:22-32, (a passage which might help men approach their relationship with God from a uniquely masculine perspective). The Patriarch Jacob is described in the Bible as an astute man who obtains things through deception. Although being …

The Procedure

Fr. Joel Church meets World, Human Relationships

It is not often that I come across a short video that is also a brilliant work of art. The Procedure responds beautifully to years of clever but twisted argumentation from movies like The Cider House Rules. Put it on full screen, sit back, and enter in. Note: It might play better on the YouTube site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XW5lqp8crI8

Mary of the Month (May 2011)

Benjamin Mary of the Month

This year, on May 1st, the Catholic Church declared Pope John Paul II to be Blessed. The foundation of the Pope’s holiness was his Total Consecration to Mary, expressed in his coat of arms at the bottom of the mosaic. He dedicated himself entirely as a servant of Mary, giving her full authority over his whole life. Her motherly protection …