Who is like God?

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Most Christians do not realize how refined and precise the Christian idea of God is, and how we share that treasure with Muslims and Jews, to some extent. These three religions believe in one God, a belief known as monotheism. This was a revolutionary idea when the Jews first professed it, several thousand years ago. To the ancient world, it …

Trojan horse in marriage

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A recent article in the newspaper caught my eye with the intriguing headline, “Catholic Church updates fight as pill marks 50th anniversary.” I am too young to remember the original controversy over the pill, which seems to have happened only in the Catholic Church. The pill was promoted as a great advancement for women and for families. The pill would …

Homily for the 17th Sunday by Fr. Joel

Fr. Joel Homilies

We have a script in our mind that plays out our ideal life. It often happens that twists and turns and tragedies keep us from realizing the script. It seems like God does not want us to be happy, but the truth is, he has a much better life planned than we could imagine. We have to trust that God really does know better than we do. One of the hardest areas to trust is with our children. This is why the Church advocates Natural Family Planning, a method of regulating births that profoundly lives our Christian belief that the Father knows best. [click the post for audio content]

Jesus Knocking at the Door

Homily for the 16th Sunday by Fr. Joel

Fr. Joel Homilies

Ordinary Time, 16th Sunday. There are three levels of welcoming Jesus into our lives: 1) Jesus isn’t welcome at all. 2) We welcome Jesus into our home and into our life, but his presence is a burden. 3) We welcome Jesus into our heart and soul, and his presence is a joy. We see these levels in the story of Martha and Mary. We also see this progression in the life of Abraham. What level are you? How is Jesus welcome in your life? [click post for audio content]

Mother Teresa on population control

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“Again, in my television interview with Mother Teresa, I raised the point as to whether, in view of the commonly held opinion that there are too many people in India, it was really worth while trying to salvage a few abandoned children who might otherwise be expected to die of neglect, malnutrition, or some related illness. It was a point, …

The 40-year-old Virgin

Fr. Joel Church meets World, The Loving Life

I recently witnessed one of the strangest and most counter-cultural ceremonies possible. On Saturday, June 26 at the Diocesan Cathedral, our Bishop received and blessed a woman as a consecrated virgin. This means that she has never been with a man in a physically intimate way, and she never intends to be with a man either. Rather than choosing marriage, …

Serving for the Pope, Photo by Ben Pohl

Freedom and Truth

Benjamin Church meets World

In his audience this morning, Pope Benedict talked about the Franciscan Medieval Theologian Duns Scotus. Benedict highlighted some beautiful parts of his theology and also noticed that some of his thinking was very, very modern. His idea of freedom was rooted primarily in the will, in contrast to Augustine and St. Thomas who said that freedom was the fruit of …