Homily for Trinity Sunday by Fr. Joel

Fr. Joel Homilies

A Community of Love (8.5mb) Trinity Sunday. We believe in One God. We believe that the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Spirit is God. But we don’t believe in 3 gods, we believe in One God. How is this possible? It is a mystery, which means that it doesn’t fit inside our heads, but we can …

Novena of Prayer for Priestly Ordination

Fr. Joel Priesthood

Saturday, June 5th, the Diocese of Green Bay will ordain two men to the priesthood:Jose Castaneda and Dan Viertel. Please join me in praying for them. You can read more about their journey here:www.gbvocations.org Novena of Prayer for Priestly Ordination God our Father,you appointed Jesus Christ High Priest of the new and eternal covenant.By grace you allow men to share …

Response to Married Priests – Celibacy

Fr. Joel Priesthood

Many, many people favor married priests. They believe that the Church started priestly celibacy for practical reasons: priests are too busy to have a family, it used to cause problems with inheritance of church buildings, and most Catholics don’t give enough to the church to support both a priest and his family. They believe that for practical reasons, now is …

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Fr. Joel’s homily for Pentecost

Fr. Joel Homilies

Pentecost – The Wind that Wakes Us Easter, Pentecost. The Holy Spirit’s presence gives us a second wind. He enters everywhere and moves us in the direction God wants us to go. He shares with us God’s own Divine Life. He inspires us with good homilies. Come Holy Spirit! (23 May 2010) Readings | Subscribe | iTunes I wasn’t able …

Response to Married Priests – Lifetime Commitment

Fr. Joel Priesthood

Many people believe that the Catholic Church is asks too much of her priests. Requiring a man to be celibate is no longer a reasonable expectation, they say. But they overlook an important fact: marriage isn’t popular either. Last year, 40% of babies in the US were born to unmarried women. We know anecdotally that more people are living together …

An argument for married priests

Benjamin Priesthood

The local newspaper published this letter today: “A priest shortage is offered as a reason for transferring the Rev. G. from one local Catholic Church to another, each within throwing distance of the other. I believe there are more than 200,000 married priests worldwide, some of whom might be willing to help ease the critical mass of the shortage (not …

Fr. Joel’s homily for Ascension Sunday

Fr. Joel Homilies

Pray to See Jesus (6:50) Easter, Ascension of Our Lord. Jesus did not leave the Father when he came to Earth, and he does not leave us when he goes back to the Father. Christ is still present here. I felt his presence during Holy Week, and others have seen him too. Pray to see the presence of Jesus in …

Fr. Joel’s homily for Easter VI

Fr. Joel Homilies

The Woman is a Temple (9:30) Easter, 6th Sunday. The Temple contained the presence of God so that the world could be transformed. The woman is the temple within the family and the home. She must nurture God’s presence to fill the world with the Light of Christ. (9 May 2010) Readings | Subscribe | iTunes

Fr. Joel’s homily for May 2

Fr. Joel Homilies

East5 – Keep Loving and Forgiving (8:40)Easter, 5th Sunday. Christ loves us with self-giving love and He wants us to do the same. But loving in this world leads to hardship and requires forgiveness. I’ve had to live this in my own life, and we’ve seen it in the Amish community, and the life of Mother Mary. God promises good …