Fr. Joel’s homily for Palm Sunday (2010)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Lent6 – Make this week Holy (4:30) Lent, Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion. You can tell how much something is worth by the price that was paid for it. You were bought at the price of Christ’s blood. Spend this week meditating on your true value. (28 Mar 2010)

Fr. Joel’s — actually, Deacon Kevin’s homily for Mar 21

Fr. Joel Homilies

Lent5 – Throw Stones or Give Chicken? (9:35)Today’s homily is brought to you by Deacon Kevin DeCleeneLent, 5th Sunday. The Gospel shows us many different roles people can play in a situation. In the end, Jesus chooses not to throw stones, but to show unconditional love. This same love can be seen in the generosity of Robert, a many once …

Fr. Joel’s homily for Mar 14

Fr. Joel Homilies

Lent4 – A Father’s Prodigal Love (5:30)Lent, 4th Sunday. What is the moral of the prodigal son? A son learns that his real treasure was his father’s love for him, a fact that the father already knew, and the older son has yet to learn. A Father’s love is worth more than wealth. How often we take God’s love for …

Fr. Joel’s homily for Mar 7

Fr. Joel Homilies

Lent3 – Let Him Remove the Obstacles (9:00)Lent, 3rd Sunday. God wants to fill our hearts with his love. But there’s a problem – our weakness and our sins are obstacles to His love. Faced with these things, we settle for being “good enough.” But God calls us to be Great and He can make us great, if only we …

Why women cannot be priests (3 of 3)

Benjamin Priesthood

– Fr. Benjamin In Catholic theology there is a wonderful balance between the male and the female in the work of our salvation. In the book of Genesis, God creates both male and female. Both are tempted, both fall into sin, and both bear the curse of that sin in different ways. This double fall requires a double act of …