Why women cannot be priests (2 of 3)

Benjamin Priesthood

– Fr. Benjamin In my previous post I showed that we know with the certainty of faith that women cannot be Catholic priests. I want to emphasize again that this is a process which involves the whole Church. Most of the Protestant churches which decided to ordain women made this decision by an educated elite, who went ahead with their …

Fr. Joel’s homily for Feb 28

Fr. Joel Homilies

Lent2 – Listen to Jesus (8:50)Lent, 2nd Sunday. When you find yourself in a cloud, listen to the voice of Jesus. Like Abraham, we are in a covenant with God. Live according to that covenant by listening to Jesus. (28 Feb 2010) Readings | Subscribe | iTunes

Why women cannot be priests (1 of 3)

Benjamin Priesthood

– Fr. Benjamin At the end of youth group this week, one of the girls asked why women cannot be Catholic priests. After all it isn’t fair. I told them I would answer the question next week, which will be our first official, “Awkward Question Night.” After reflecting for a while on Catholic priesthood I believe there there are three …

Fr. Joel’s homily for Feb 21

Fr. Joel Homilies

Lent1 – Say No (7:40)Lent, 1st Sunday. The Devil tempts Jesus to say No to his identity as the Son of God. Jesus says Yes to God by saying No to the temptations. What do we need to say No to in order to say Yes to God? (21 Feb 2010) Readings | Subscribe | iTunes

Fr. Joel’s homily for Ash Wednesday

Fr. Joel Homilies

Lent – Restoring Relationships (8:00)Lent, Ash Wednesday. How many commandments have we kept? The commandments are so important because they are all about relationships – our relationship to God, to our family, and to our neighbors. What do you have to give up, or where do you have to be generous, in order to restore healthy relationships? Talk to God …

Fr. Joel’s homily for Feb 14

Fr. Joel Homilies

This is the same Bishop’s Appeal as last week but at my other parish. This parish has video capability so here is the video we played. For more info check out CatholicFoundationGB.org

Fr. Joel’s homily for Feb 7

Fr. Joel Homilies

Bishop’s Appeal 2010 – Audio (6:00)Ordinary Time, 5th Sunday. Every parish is part of the Bishop’s Appeal, an annual collection to support the work of the Diocese. This isn’t really my homily; it is a copy of Bishop Ricken’s official taped address. For more information visit CatholicFoundationGB.org (7 Feb 2010)Readings | Subscribe | iTunes

Secrets of a happy life

Benjamin Human Relationships

– Fr. Benjamin I just recently read a very thoughtful article looking at the failures of Tiger Woods through Plato’s characterization of the soul. Basically put, Plato looks at the human soul as made up of three parts, one desiring food and physical pleasure, another desiring victory and honor, and the third which seeks knowledge of the good. The third …