Zombies vs. Vampires

Fr. Joel Society Today

Halloween is the perfect time to reflect on the strange new popularity of zombies and vampires. The early vampire movies depicted creepy old men sucking the blood of young women while they slept. They were a form of undead that had to sleep during the day to avoid the killing power of sunlight. But the new vampires are young and …

Apocalypse 2012 end of the world!

Benjamin Society Today

Hollywood is churning out more and more films that destroy the world. The classic nuclear holocaust and radioactive winter has lost popularity recently, but climate change might cause floods of biblical proportions or a new ice age. Gigantic meteors could pulverize the earth. When the possibility of natural disasters ends, the real terror begins. An unstoppable pandemic viruses, engineered in …

Fr. Joel’s homily for Oct 25

Fr. Joel Homilies

Ord30 – The Gift of Priesthood (8:41) Ordinary Time, 30th Sunday. Today is Priesthood Appreciation Sunday and our readings show some interesting aspects of priesthood. Hebrews reminds us that only Christ is the high priest and all other priests participate in His priesthood. Jeremiah reminds the people how much God cares for them, a care which is Sacramentally visible through …

Awesome New Vocations Video

Fr. Joel Priesthood

The Power of Life has just developed a new vocations video featuring one of my priest friends, Fr. Quinn man. Check it out: See more at: http://www.poweroflifeevents.org/

Fr. Joel’s Homily for Oct 18

Fr. Joel Homilies

Ord29 – Serve and be Served (5:16) Ordinary Time, 29th Sunday. Jesus has been giving a long list of what it takes to be his disciple. Why? Because Jesus does these things and the disciple must be like his master. Jesus has made himself the servant of all and he deeply desires to serve you. But in order to receive …

Fr. Joel’s Homily for Oct 11

Fr. Joel Homilies

Ord28 – Smile, God Loves You (6:10) Ordinary Time, 28th Sunday. One thing has struck me since I arrived here in this city: how sad people look all the time. No one really smiles on the street or in the mall. Some can’t even smile back when you smile at them. On a recent TEC retreat, I discovered people that …

Fr. Joel’s Homily for Oct. 4

Fr. Joel Homilies

Ord27 – Respect Life Sunday (12:46) Ordinary Time, 27th Sunday. What are we passing on to our children? The last three Gospel readings have all mentioned children. Are we passing on faith? Are we passing on love? Are we passing on respect for all human life? In addition to families, a very important resource for our children is our Catholic …


Fr. Joel Priesthood

Fr. Joel For the most part, priesthood needs very little equipment. To celebrate Mass, for example, all we really need are a few fancy garments, some pretty cups and bowls, a few expensive books, and a nice big church comes in handy too. However, it sometimes happens that we celebrate Mass on the road or in nursing homes or other …