One Boy’s Generosity (17th Sunday, July 26)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Podcast: Download (Duration: 5:40 — 5.2MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | Spotify | RSS | Why Subscribe?Ordinary Time, 17th Sunday. The first reading shows how Elisha the prophet feeds 100 people with the generosity of one man, who gave his first-fruits to God. In the same way in the Gospel, the 5,000 are …

Evil proves God exists

Benjamin God & Faith

– Fr Benjamin Atheists will argue strongly that God does not exist, but evidence for the non-existence of God is a little hard to come by. They generally point to all the evil in the world as proof that God does not exist. If a good God really made the world, why would we have wars, racism, violence, exploitation, hunger …

Fr. Joel’s Homily for July 19

Fr. Joel Homilies

Ord16 – Listen to the Shepherd (5:22) Ordinary Time, 16th Sunday. Sheep gather around the shepherd, who bunches them together to keep them safe. If we don’t listen for the shepherd’s voice, we’ll wander off and get lost. (19 Jul 2009)

Fr. Joel’s Homily for July 12

Fr. Joel Homilies

Ord15 – God with Us (9:04)Ordinary Time, 15th Sunday. As a new priest in an unfamiliar place I find myself welcomed by others but not able to answer any questions. In the course of my priestly studies and my time as a new priest, I discovered that God works through me anyway despite my lack of skill and knowledge. God …

Death be not Proud

Fr. Joel Church meets World, Society Today

-Fr.Joel Michael Jackson is still dead.As though afraid that Americans would forget, the media could talk of nothing else. Listeners, viewers and readers were treated to special reports and tributes, pictures and interviews, and talk, talk talk. The “King of Pop” had passed. He was not famous for his humanity, his wisdom, his courage our his kindness. He was famous …