No Homily This Weekend (21 Jan 2018)

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I didn’t preach this weekend so there’s no new Homily to share with you. But take a look at one of these classic homilies from our archives:

From 2015

Abandon Ship and Believe in God’s Merciful Love (#510, 3rd Sunday)

From 2012

“Pray like a Champion Today” (Homily for week 3)

(My recording has the dates wrong)


Last week we talked about our direct line to God and the importance of listening for what God wants to say. And what does God say? He tells us to repent (first reading) and he calls us each by name (Gospel).

The world, and everything in it, is passing away (second reading). Do you love your marriage? It is passing away. One day one of you will kiss the other Goodbye and watch them close their eyes forever. And you will walk with them to the church, and the cemetery, and go home to carry on alone. Do you struggle with your marriage? It is passing away. Do you love, or loathe, the presidency of Mr Donald Trump? Like it or not, it’s already passing away. And so on with job, health, family, life circumstances— Good or bad, blessing or curse, it is all passing away.

What then can we do?

We are invited to turn away from the world and turn towards our God. God wants to lead us personally; he wants us to follow Him. He wants us to let go of passing things and cling to what lasts forever. The world is not evil, but it is passing. We should not cling to what will not last.  Listen and He will lead you to what lasts forever.

Direct Line to God (#809, 2nd Sunday)

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Second Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year B) • The priest’s white collar is actually a telephone with a direct line to God. What would you say if you had a direct line to God?  God is really listening! We should be really talking to God, and really listening too.

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Your Gift Fit for a King (#808, Epiphany)

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The Epiphany of the Lord • The Magi respond to God’s love with their own gifts of love: gold for the true King, frankincense for the true God, and myrrh for the true sacrifice. At Christmas we receive God’s gift of love; at Epiphany we give back our own gift of love. Let us open our treasures and give God the gift of almsgiving, prayer, and sacrifice.

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Recipe for a Holy Family (#807, Holy Family)

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The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph (Year B) • Family is a great gift from God. We have to receive this gift and cherish it. We are all responsible for creating a wonderful family. Today we look at St. Joseph. He teaches us three keys to fatherhood: obedience, self-sacrifice, and giving your children back to God. Your family won’t be perfect, but if you follow Joseph’s example, your family will be holy. And that’s what matters in the end.Read More

God’s Precious Child is You (#806, Christmas Eve)

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The Nativity of the Lord (Christmas) • Jesus looks like you and me but he is God’s precious child. As Joseph gazed on the child he realized that he was too was God’s precious child. The shepherds and the wise men were changed when they realized they were God’s precious children. I hope as you gaze on the manger scene you will also realize, “I am God’s precious child.”Read More

Saying Yes to God Brings Joy to the World (#805, Advent 4)

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Fourth Sunday of Advent (Year B) • Christmas is the birthday of not just of any king, but of the King of Kings. His birth is so important we are still in the Year of Our Lord. He leads us, serves us, loves us, and dies for us. His coming depended on the Yes of one young woman. Will you follow him, serve him, love him, welcome him? The whole world is waiting for your answer.Read More

The Perfect Christmas

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It was almost Christmas and they were far from home. They had every intention of spending a quiet holiday season. But urgent business required him to travel, and she refused to stay home without him. Technically this was his hometown but family connections were distant, and plans to stay with family had fallen through. It seemed like nothing turned out the way he planned these days. They had always been faithful, prayerful people. Only recently, though, had God really started to be present in their lives. Following God, he thought, meant things would fall into place. Instead everything seemed to be falling apart. It’s never good to be out on the road on a cold December, but especially with a pregnant wife, and no room at the inn. When he tried to figure it out, the old fears would nibble at his mind. But as Joseph let go of his worries, his heart became filled with peace. God would take care of them, he was sure of it.

His wife Mary was immaculate, but her life was not, as Julianne Stanz shared in a recent Compass article. After the angel announced the birth of the child, she went with haste to the hill country. When Mary returned to Nazareth three months later, she was starting to show, and Joseph knew the baby wasn’t his. The film Mary of Nazareth depicts Joseph angrily tearing down part of the house he had been building for them. After the angel comes to Joseph, a later scene shows their wedding. Music is playing but only a few are dancing. Most of the guests look on with scornful judgement, perceiving Mary to be an adulteress. Why was God allowing such suffering?Read More

Maybe It Just Needs A Little Love (#804, Advent 3)

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Third Sunday of Advent (Year B) • There is no such thing as a perfect tree. Maybe it just needs a little love. Christmas is all about love: God who loves us and sends his Son to us, even though we aren’t perfect. We must be humble enough to receive what God wants to send us. Being loved by God fills us with joy. So practice Christmas carols and you’ll be ready to rejoice at the coming of Christ.Read More

How Not To Prepare For Christmas (#803, Advent 2)

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Second Sunday of Advent (Year B) • We want to be prepared for Christmas so we put up decorations, send cards, buy gifts, and bake cookies. And then a little bell calls to us from the wilderness to remind us: Prepare Your Heart! Our heart is prepared when we focus on the things that really matter, and let go of the things that don’t matter.

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God’s Plans Are Worth Waiting For (#802, Immaculate Conception)

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Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception • Before you were conceived in your mother’s womb, God had a concept of you with him in Heaven for all eternity. Mary teaches us two things: 1) God’s plans are worth waiting for 2) All we have to do is say “Yes” to God, and God will do the rest.

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