What Do I Have to Do to Avoid Going to Hell? | BP#847

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Ordinary Time, 28th Sunday (B) The young man asks our question: “What do I have to do to go to heaven?” Or the even more Catholic question, “What do I have to do to avoid going to hell?” You can’t do something to inherit eternal life because Jesus himself is Eternal Life. He loves you, and he desires you to be his friend. Has he looked at you with love? Has he called you to follow him? The journey may cost you everything, but it’s worth 100 times more. “Come, follow me.” (14 Oct 2018)

Going Deeper: Pray for Wisdom. Pray to see Jesus looking at you with love.

“Let nothing disturb you, let nothing to frighten you, all things are passing away: God never changes. Patience obtains all things. Whoever has God lacks nothing; God alone suffices.” ~ St. Theresa of Avila

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This Is Why So Many Marriages Fail | BP#846

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Ordinary Time, 27th Sunday (B) Seriously people, am I on the only one living 1 Corinthians 13? Marriage goes back before sin. In order to have a marriage as God intended, we have to let Jesus take us back into the Garden again. We have to become children again! You need: 1) Daily Devotions 2) Sunday Worship 3) Faithful Obedience to God. Today marks the anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto. Need to win a culture war? Trust in God’s power. (7 Oct 2018)

Going Deeper: Pray the Rosary

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It’s Not About The Red Team vs The Blue Team | BP#845

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Ordinary Time, 26th Sunday (B) There’s so much I could preach on today. But it would all be about stuff that other people are doing. Jesus wants to focus our attention on us. We will not be able to reach across the divide in America unless we can see fellow Catholics as our brothers and sisters. We need to see ourselves, our world, and our Church from God’s perspective. So take a few minutes and talk to God about something that is making you angry right now. (30 Sep 2018)

Going Deeper: Read more about Relational Prayer and practice it in your daily life.

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When You Feel Inadequate, Do This | BP#844

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Ordinary Time, 25th Sunday (B) In what way is Jesus like a child? I submit to you that Jesus is totally dependent on his Heavenly Father. How do you respond when you feel inadequate? Accept the fact that you are totally dependent on your Heavenly Father. Do your best, and God will do the rest.

(23 Sep 2018)

Going Deeper: We often refuse to acknowledge feelings of inadequacy. Instead we deflect, make excuses, blame others, or distract ourselves. Notice your behavior next time. Sometimes we have to start by noticing others’ behavior before we can be honest about ours.

In Memory of Baby Job


Plugged in to the Power of God | BP#843

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Ordinary Time, 23rd Sunday ( B) We need to get away from the crowd, experience Jesus’ love, and be opened to speaking His love to others. I suggest two ways to “Be Opened”: 1) Make a good Confession 2) Take time for daily prayer. You can only bring love and healing to others if you are plugged in to the power of God.

(9 Sep 2018)

Going Deeper: Do you have a set prayer space and a consistent prayer time? If not, start planning a “prayer corner” in your home. Send me a picture of it.


Half-Hearted Lovers | BP#842

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Ordinary Time, 21st Sunday (B) God created Adam and Eve with equal dignity. Sin destroyed that equality and caused men to tend to dominate women. Jesus shows that true manhood is laying down your life for others. Christ loves us whole-heartedly. He gives His body and blood so that we can become one flesh with Him. Are you content with your half-hearted love for Jesus?

(26 Aug 2018)

Going Deeper: Next time you’re at Mass, sing the Holy, Holy, Holy and the Lamb of God with your whole heart. Let me know what happens.

Food for the Journey Through Evil Days | BP#841

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Ordinary Time, 20th Sunday (B) Bishop Ricken has us read a letter responding to recent scandals in the American Catholic Church. Then I share my own thoughts: This is our problem, and it happens here. Our job is to listen so victims feel loved and cared for. Abusers in many cases had once been victims of abuse. They need to be held accountable for their choices, as do all priests and Bishops. We all need to come to Jesus for love and mercy. We must feed on Him so we can journey through evil days.

(19 Aug 2018)

Going Deeper: The Catholic Church teaches that the effectiveness of the Sacraments does not depend on the holiness of the minister. You don’t get better Eucharist from a holy priest than from a sinful one. What does this say about Jesus’ love for us? (see CCC Paragraph 1127-1128).


The Assumption and Pedal Power | BP#840

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Assumption of Mary • The Assumption of Mary teaches us three things: 1) Life is a journey 2) It has ups and downs 3) We don’t have to do it alone. Keep peddling!

(15 Aug 2018)

Going Deeper: Do you see your life as a journey? How do the struggles in life look different when you see them as hills to be climbed?

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Seeing the World with Eucharistic Eyes | BP#839

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Ordinary Time, 19th Sunday (B) A good artist creates art that is beautiful but also meaningful. God is the greatest artist, and his art contains the greatest meaning. The gift of the Eucharist nourishes us spiritually. But it also teaches us to “see” God’s love hidden in the world around us. The only life not worth living is the life you live for yourself. When we see with Eucharistic eyes, we can become the Eucharistic people God made us to be.

(12 Aug 2018)

Going Deeper: When have you seen God’s extraordinary love hidden in something seemingly ordinary? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Well-Fed Slaves | BP#838

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Ordinary Time, 18th Sunday (B) We become slaves to fear, pleasure, and expectations. Going to a Steubenville youth conference helps me appreciate the freedom of faithful young people. I walked with a couple through a difficult pregnancy that turned out to be a tremendous blessing. The solution to slavery is faithful obedience to God. He helps us walk away from our pleasures and expectations and through our fears into true life.

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